Why Use a SCORM LMS?

Big pile of books

If you remember having to take training with nothing more than a pen and paper to work with, you will no doubt also remember just how painfully cumbersome it all was. Now imagine that you are the course co-ordinator who has to make their way through the reams and reams of different papers from different people on different courses and having to log everything in different systems.

As you might expect, it wasn’t the most efficient way of doing things and that’s without even considering the inaccuracies that would come around from human error. Recognising that something had to give, industry specialists got together to create SCORM.

A SCORM LMS gives you the industry standard that you need to give your workforce the training that they deserve. You may have actually already taken a SCORM course without even realising it as it should be a prerequisite for all online providers around the world.

But how has it become so popular?

SCORM is often confused as being something that it patently isn’t. It’s not software, it’s not a law for all online to absolutely adhere to and neither is it going to stop your employees from making a mistake. It can, however, go a long way to helping you deliver top quality training across a range of different platforms.

Before SCORM’s inception, e-learning was a bit of a trial. So many different companies had different setups, systems and learning management systems. This meant that uploading any new courses involved checking for interoperability between LMS’s and more often than not, there was none. To bring a measure of universality to training courses, competing businesses across the world started adhering to SCORM standards.

Sharable Content Object Reference Model. That might not make a lot of sense to you, but to e-learning course programmers, it’s a set of fundamentals which make their products as widely usable as possible. By sticking to these guidelines, course programmers can ensure that there are no restrictions for learning management systems.

What’s a learning management system?

An LMS is a framework interface from which learners and trainers can gain access to and also control courses. It gives users an engaging place for learners from which to undertake their training courses and allows the trainer to monitor their progress. Without a setup like this in place, you run the risk of teaching your workforce on an archaic, outdated system.

A learning management system has plenty more to it beneath the surface than just being a course provider. Advanced LMS’s can provide you with detailed statistics on an employee’s performance, automatic emails can be sent out to remind employees that they need to take training and to also provide certification on completion of courses. This means that e-learning doesn’t need to be a chore or something for the workforce to dread and especially so when you apply SCORM standards to an LMS.

Why would I need a SCORM LMS?

By using a SCORM LMS, you can be assured that your workforce will be enjoying only the best in e-learning courses. Programmers will have set themselves to creating only the best in courses as it is no easy feat to be SCORM compliant!

There are many advantages to choosing a SCORM LMS and one of the main reasons to do so is because you’ll never have to look at a training session as a chore again. The interactivity and accessibility of all the courses makes a SCORM LMS more exciting than your typical put-a-tick-in-the-box fare and promotes individual thinking to work better as a team.

These fantastic learning management systems also offer you the opportunity to work within your own constraints and to customise individual e-learner’s schedules as required. If an employee has previously done parts of the course, you have the option whether to include the module in their course list.

Do I need to break the bank for a SCORM LMS?

Not at all. There are many fantastic offers out there which won’t cost you the world. You might expect such a premium product to fetch an equally premium price but that’s just not the case – even large companies can get their e-learning in order for an affordable cost.

To find the right SCORM LMS for you, be sure to search for a provider who offers a free trial or demo so you can be sure that they are the right one for you.