Your Complete Guide to SCORM Learning Management Systems

Sharable. Content. Object. Reference. Model.

What is SCORM?

If you’ve ever had an induction course at a new place of work, you were most likely taking advantage of SCORM.

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Why Use SCORM?

If you're still using a paper-based system for your staff training, you are giving your competitors the edge. Here's why.

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History of SCORM

Every innovation starts somewhere, but SCORM's creation is more interesting than most. Click here to find out more.

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Innovation within e-learning is rife. There are plenty of new technologies to learn, upgrades to current systems and an ever-expanding market to consider. One thing has always remained the same within online training: a SCORM compliant learning management system is essential.


So what is SCORM?

There’s plenty of confusion about what SCORM is, so it might be best to first break it down into what it isn’t.

  • Software
  • A law
  • A language

Thanks to the sheer scope of different blogs about SCORM out there, you could be forgiven for receiving mixed signals about what it actually is. At its essence, SCORM is a set of specifications curated by the ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning) group to help programmers co-operatively create content that can be used on various learning management systems.


The Three A’s, The Doctor and I

There are six main principles which SCORM compliant operations should try and stick closely to:

Accessibility – can the content be reached from remote location whilst sticking to web standards?

Adaptability – will it be able to be altered for varying requirements?

Affordability – is the content going to be at such a high quality that it will be an excessive expense for the client? Can it also be built within the budget?

Durability – can it last the distance after multiple revisions across a multitude of different tools and platforms?

Reusability – will the content  be still relevant and in keeping with technologies over time?

Interoperability – perhaps the most important thing all to consider for SCORM compliancy, can your content be used across a wide variety of platforms?


Why Would I Use SCORM Compliant Systems?

A more pertinent question might be, why wouldn’t you? As previously mentioned, compliancy with SCORM Learning Management Systems is not something that you necessarily have to have for your content but because sticking to it can only make everything more efficient, you’d be remiss not to.